Saturday, January 10, 2009

Mason Turns 4!

I cannot believe that my baby is 4! He really had it rough this year. We spent all day January 5th, his birthday, in the doctors' office for PINK EYE! Poor thing, we felt so sorry for him. He was a champ though. He kept saying, "mommy, let's put my drops in so I can get rid of this PINK EYE. He did great. Needless to say, we post-poned his family party to Saturday.
We celebrated with Mason's 2 best buddies on Thursday with lunch at Chick-a-lay, followed by ice cream, cupcakes and a trip to From Art to Zebras. They each made a new build a bear, dressed them in Super Bear clothes and named them Super Beary! How cute is that? They all had to have the same bear, dress it alike and name it the very same thing.
Happy Birthday my sweet little munch munch!


lillymac said...
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lillymac said...

happy birthday mason! what a big boy you are!