Wednesday, December 16, 2009

What Precious Little Men...

On October 9, 2009, Jessica Wilson, our long time babysitter and friend became Mrs. Michael Peschell. Asher was the Ring Bearer and Mason the Bell Ringer. She made an absolutely beautiful bride. We were thrilled to celebrate their special day with them and wish them a lifetime of happiness.

Way too much candy...

Somehow we ended up with entirely too much candy this year. Between the camping trip, Cedarwood's annual Trunk or Treat and actually trick or treating on Halloween at Dad's, I am completely DONE with the candy...The kids have a different view however! Asher HAD to have a "homemade" ghost costume of which he ended up being utterly MISERABLE wearing everytime. Halloween night was so bad that he almost took the costume off until Brady walked up and cut a hole the size of Texas around his face so he wouldn't be so hot...Sigh!

Camping at Jellystone in Natural Bridge, VA...

We decided to do something a little different for this years annual camping trip. We got 4 families together and headed to Natural Bridge, VA to see Yogi, Cyndi and Boo Boo! There is no togetherness like 4 adults and 5 energetic kiddos in cabin the size of a studio apartment...Smile:) There are definitely only a few people that could pull this off. We had a great time and are looking forward to another great trip next year.

From left to right: Mark and Nancy Kessinger, Patrick and Heather Simpkins, Mark and Jada White and Brady and Leigh

Grand Prix Racing Day!

For Asher's birthday this year, Poppy got him 3 races at the Greensboro Grand Prix. As you can see by the pictures, this was right up his alley. He had a blast spending the afternoon with Brady, Dad, and Uncle Fuzz! Needless to say...I am sure that we'll be doing a lot more of this.